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History of water
Friday, 20 May 2016 • 01:50 • 0 comments


Water has been used since antiquity as a symbol by which to express devotion and purity. Some cultures, like the ancient Greeks, went as far as to worship gods who were thought to live in and command the waters. Whole cities have been build by considering the location and availability of pure drinking water. The place of gathering was around the wells, which is perhaps the following trend in building fountains in the middle of piazzas.

Traditional and modern medicine have been makings use of the psychological and physiological diverse properties of water, in all forms of hydrotherapy (composite Greek word: hydro, of water and therapy, . We all know of the simple, yet effective, calming qualities of a warm bath or the invigorating qualities of a cold shower. For centuries,  numerous healing springs located all around the world have been recognised for their benefits. The famous Belgium spas in the Ardennes is a fine example. Historical records of these cold springs claim 'cures' since the fourteenth century. The hot Californian spas, the healing spas of Loutraki in Greece, the Dalhousie hot springs in the border of South Australia and Northern Territory, More in NSW, Hepburn mineral spas in Victoria are just a few examples.


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